Guidance for charity and nonprofit hiring managers and NPO’s looking to navigate the complexities of recruitment related to vetting job candidates, with Dana Scurlock, the Director of Recruitment at She provides a unique insider’s view of staffing practices in the nonprofit sector.
Dana begins with an emphasis on the importance of background checks for positions that involve access to sensitive information. She discusses concerns about the depth of some background checks, particularly those involving personal information like credit checks, which could be viewed as discriminatory. Dana also points out how the legal landscape around background checks is changing, especially with the legalization of marijuana in many states, adding complexity to the process.
The conversation continues with the issue of drug testing, which is influenced by various factors such as insurance, federal grants, and state laws. Dana highlights the challenges of drug testing in a rapidly evolving legal environment, especially with remote hiring across different states. She emphasizes the need for risk assessment and considering insurance implications when formulating drug testing policies.
The final topic revolves around personal references and the interview concludes with Dana sharing a professional statement which can be used when a reference request is made for a less than positive situation.