The dynamics of nonprofit annual reports, emphasizing the importance of donor-centric storytelling, personalization, and strategic use of these reports to engage and retain donors effectively with Diana Otero from Bloomerang.

Diana emphasizes the importance of understanding what donors want to hear. She highlights that donors want to know how their contributions have made a difference and that their support is essential for the organization’s success. This message should be at the core of any nonprofit annual report.

The conversation also digs into the idea of using annual reports strategically. Diana suggests that nonprofits should view annual reports as more than just a summary of activities; they should be used to tell compelling stories about the organization’s impact, engaging donors on a deeper level.

Personalization at scale is another trend discussed. Diana predicts that nonprofits will expand their tools that can tailor their communications to individual donors based on their interests and preferences. This personalization can lead to more meaningful donor relationships.