Key aspects of nonprofit messaging and connecting with nonprofit’s audiences, including defining clarity in messaging to create lasting connections, and strengthening nonprofit’s organizational impact, with Jordana Merkin, CEO and founder of Voice for Good Marketing,

Jordana begins with the essence of clear messaging by stating, “Clarity creates connection.” She emphasizes the significance of defining an organization’s mission, target audience, and core values to effectively communicate its purpose, which guides organizations in uncovering the emotional core of their work, enabling them to resonate with their audience on a deeper level.

Suggesting a strategic approach to crafting messaging guides, emphasizing the alignment of mission, vision, and values, Jordana points to the importance of consistency in messaging across all communication channels, allowing organizations to maintain authenticity and reinforce their brand identity. Additionally, she stresses the value of maintaining continuity, especially during periods of transition, to ensure clarity and coherence in messaging.

Jordana then addresses the challenge of engaging diverse audiences while maintaining a cohesive message. She advocates for organizations to prioritize authenticity over universal appeal, acknowledging that not every individual or group will align with their mission and values. By focusing on resonating with their core supporters, organizations can cultivate meaningful connections and foster long-term relationships. In her words, “Show me you know me”.

Jordan gives strong encouragements for organizations to embrace their unique identity and values, even in divisive times. She advises against diluting messaging to cater to every audience, emphasizing the importance of staying true to core principles, whilst acting on strategic communication that addresses relevant issues and staying aligned with your nonprofit’s overarching mission and values.