The strategic values of good website development for nonprofits, with Maiya Holliday, CEO of . You’ll discover insights on creating engaging, accessible websites that align with organizational goals and resonate with diverse audiences, and the importance of inclusivity in digital spaces.

Maiya Holliday, with her two decades of experience in website development, outlines the importance of beginning with a strategic approach to web design. She explains how developing a website often becomes a soul-searching journey for organizations, revealing deeper questions about their purpose and goals. “There’s definitely a bit of an identity crisis that I’ve seen through the website process, but it’s also moving forward and really putting those things into action and putting them out into the world,” she says, which begins to describe the transformative potential of this process.

She elaborates on the strategic elements, discussing the importance of aligning website content with organizational objectives. This involves engaging with various stakeholders to create compelling narratives that resonate across diverse audience segments. “We work through all those steps with you in service of creating the website that satisfies your objectives,” she explains. This approach ensures that the website not only looks appealing but also fulfills its role in furthering the organization’s mission.

Accessibility was another key topic. Maiya passionately speaks about the necessity of making websites accessible to people with a range of abilities, aligning digital spaces with the inclusivity seen in physical environments. “Website accessibility ensures that there’s a really wide range of usability on your site,” says Maiya, speaking to inclusive design that benefits a broader audience while meeting legal requirements.

Throughout the conversation, the theme of strategic planning recurres, with Maiya advocating for its crucial role in the early stages of website development. This planning not only guides the aesthetic and functional aspects of a nonprofit’s website but also ensures that it aligns with the broader goals of the organization.