The value and process of media sponsorships for your nonprofit or charity. Julia Patrick, the CEO of the American Nonprofit Academy, takes us through the intricacies of what media sponsors truly desire and the potential they hold for nonprofits to both raise funds and garner support of their mission.

“Connectivity is key,” Julia begins, as she elaborates on the importance of connecting with media outlets, those gateways to vast audiences. Whether it’s through TV, radio, digital media, or even sports franchises like the NBA or MLB, these media titans wield the power to connect you with their audience like never before.

Julia’s recounts a hilarious incident involving her own daughter being approached by an event chair to be their media partner – an unforgettable tale of mishaps in the world of media partnerships!

Host Jarrett Ransom shares in expressing how media partnerships could be a game-changer for nonprofits, focusing questions on when is the best time to approach a media partners.

The conversation shifts to data, and Julia shares how nonprofits need to paint a clear picture of their donor base, showcasing their interests, demographics, and economic impact. Media partners want this valuable data to ensure a perfect alignment of values and mission.

But the curveball of the day comes when Jarrett asks about social media influencers. Julia’s response is a cautious one – pointing out the flaws that may be hiding from the opportunity. . . . . . it might not be the right fit.