In this episode of The Nonprofit Show, the host welcomes Jennifer Vogler, CEO of Jennifer Vogler Creative, to discuss language that speaks to donors. Jennifer specializes in helping nonprofits expand their impact through various marketing strategies.

The conversation delves into the topic of the business side of nonprofits. Jennifer highlights the need to emphasize the importance of fundraising and spending money to expand impact. Passion alone is not enough to sustain an organization in the long run, and having a strategy for fundraising and financial sustainability is crucial.

The discussion then shifts to the language and messaging used by nonprofits to attract donors. Jennifer introduces the idea of positioning the donor or supporter as the hero, rather than the organization itself. By emphasizing the cause and the impact of donations, nonprofits can connect with donors on a deeper level. They should focus on communicating how the donor’s contribution makes a difference and avoids making it solely about the organization.

The hosts and Jennifer discuss the challenge of balancing storytelling and data in nonprofit communication. While data can be important for some donors, others may respond better to visual content such as photographs and videos that showcase the impact. Jennifer suggests using different means of communication, catering to the preferences of various donors. She also advises nonprofits to show their personality and authenticity on social media platforms, allowing supporters to connect with the people behind the organization.

The conversation touches on the issue of information overload and the need for nonprofits to cut through the noise. Jennifer encourages nonprofits to have a content strategy and create a variety of content pieces in advance. It’s not necessary to post every day but to focus on creating meaningful content that resonates with the target audience. She also advises nonprofits to find their own voice and not simply copy what others are doing. Authenticity and originality are key to standing out.

Overall, the episode provides valuable advice on crafting language that resonates with donors, emphasizing the importance of fundraising and financial sustainability, and utilizing various forms of communication to engage supporters effectively.

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