A primer on nonprofit donor stewardship, done with creativity and affordability in mind with the CEO of Productive Fundraising, Chad Barger.

Chad begins with highlighting a key issue: too many nonprofits prioritize acquiring new donors and overlook nurturing the ones they already have. The key to retaining donors? Consistent, multi-channel communication. It’s not enough to rely solely on emails and social media, and Chad emphasizes the power of physical mail, especially personalized die-cut postcards, which will stand out from the crowd at the mailbox and create memorable experiences for donors.

Board members also play a crucial role in stewardship. Chad suggests involving every board member, regardless of their fundraising comfort level, in this process. He shares brilliant strategies, like assigning board members to thank donors during events or having them make donor thank-you calls, which can lead to a significant 39% increase in future donations.

Chad’s advice doesn’t stop there. He encourages organizations to take donors behind the scenes, offering immersive experiences to connect them with the cause. Whether it’s a tour or hands-on involvement, these experiences create powerful connections.

Lastly, for donors who are more challenging to engage, Chad recommends using the power of our smartphones. He provides a fun example of personalized video messages directly from staff members which can be a game-changer in making donors feel appreciated and involved.

So, the key message: Don’t worry about being too small; worry about being silent when it comes to donor stewardship. Get creative, involve your board members, and use every tool at your disposal to delight your donors.

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