You can leave your passion at the door when it comes to government grants. Dr. Colton Strawser details the process and preparation needed for successfully getting grants, which often require 80 to 120 hours of work each, just for submittal. Having technical writing skills is paramount, along with recognizing time frame requirements, reporting requirements, re-imbursement schedules, and finally . .. metrics, metrics, metrics! More about Colton Strawser Consulting

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Segment Summary:
Colton Strausser Consulting specializes in helping nonprofits develop the necessary skills and infrastructure for government grants. Government grants make up a significant portion of nonprofit revenue, with 40.1% in the state of Texas. However, not all organizations are ready or suitable for government grants. Colton emphasizes the need for organizational readiness, including having a certain number of years of operation and investment in program evaluation. Government grants are larger but more complex than foundation grants, requiring technical writing skills. They often have reimbursement-based funding, which can be challenging for smaller organizations with limited capital. Colton advises nonprofits to assess their financial situation and consider obtaining a line of credit to bridge gaps between reimbursements. Reimbursement times can range from 60 to 90 days but can be delayed for organizations with poor accounting or data tracking practices. Colton suggests implementing efficient processes and procedures and having dedicated staff to handle the data analysis and reporting required for government grants.