In this interview, our co-hosts welcome Lotus Kaplan, the Chief Development Officer of, to discuss the concept of community-based program models in the context of addressing homelessness. Family Promise is a national organization with a mission to help families without shelter find sustainable housing and end the cycle of generational homelessness. Lotus shares her experience and insights about the community-based model, emphasizing the importance of communication, collaboration, and flexibility. She explains that community-based programs involve active engagement and ownership from various partners, including organizations, volunteers, and churches. The model aims to create a sense of belonging and hope for families in need, focusing on finding intersections between different organizations’ missions to work together towards a common goal. Lotus also discusses the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to adapt and modify the model to better suit changing circumstances. The interview underscores the value of collaboration, the significance of celebrating both successes and failures, and the power of partnerships in addressing the complex issue of homelessness on a national scale. For more insights, visit the Family Promise website at