In this episode of the nonprofit show, co-hosts Jarrett Ransom and Julia Patrick interview Jennifer Vogler, CEO of Jennifer Vogler Creative, to discuss effective communication strategies for nonprofits to attract donors. Jennifer shares her experience in helping nonprofits expand their impact through marketing, social media, grants writing, event planning, and strategy development.

They emphasize the importance of treating the nonprofit sector as a business and understanding that money is necessary to create a greater impact. Passion alone cannot sustain an organization, and having a strategic approach to fundraising is essential.

Jennifer introduces the concept of cause selling, which involves creating a strategy to raise funds and support the organization’s mission. She encourages nonprofits to position the donors, volunteers, and supporters as the heroes, focusing on the cause and its impact rather than the organization itself.

The conversation highlights the need to reframe the way nonprofits talk about their cause and impact. Instead of centering the discussion on the organization’s achievements, it is more effective to make the donor or supporter the hero of the story. By shifting the focus to the impact and the change they can create, nonprofits can better engage their audience and inspire continued support.

The guests discuss the visual tools that nonprofits can use, such as photography, video, and audio, to communicate their impact. Jennifer advises organizations to know their audience and choose the appropriate platforms to share their content. She encourages nonprofits to showcase their personality and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

They also address the challenge of cutting through the noise and capturing the attention of donors and supporters in a saturated digital landscape. Jennifer advises nonprofits to have a content strategy in place, focusing on quality over quantity. By creating varied content, including videos, carousel posts, and series, nonprofits can provide value, connect with their audience, and differentiate themselves from others.