a conversation with Hathaway Maranda, a strategic advisor and national leadership consultant to nonprofits, exploring the importance of philanthropy in all types of nonprofits, how to lead the way to a more philanthropic culture, and its impact on fundraising efforts.

Hathaway defines a culture of philanthropy as a community of people committed to supporting relevant stories to enhance each other’s well-being. The discussion identifies the misconceptions surrounding fundraising, with people often assuming it is solely the responsibility of the development department. Hathaway stressed the significance of every staff member’s involvement in creating a culture of philanthropy, suggesting incorporating development goals in individual performance reviews and including it in the employee handbook to reinforce the culture.

The fast-paced episode also touched upon the potential benefits of cross-departmental experiences, where staff members could volunteer at other organizations to gain a deeper understanding of philanthropy beyond their immediate roles. The hosts and Hathaway end by describing how a successful culture of philanthropy should lead to measurable growth in fundraising efforts, but acknowledging that sustaining this culture requires ongoing effort, including refreshing strategies and ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission.