Our Show co-hosts broadcast from the Cultivate 2023 Conference in San Diego! The live broadcast captures the excitement and purpose behind this inaugural Cultivate Conference, highlighting the focus on relationships, knowledge, and impact in the nonprofit sector.They are joined by special guests Tony Beall and LaShonda Williams from the Fundraising Academy. The conference, organized by the Fundraising Academy at National University, is aimed at providing valuable and relevant content to attendees in the nonprofit sector.

Tony Beall explains that the idea for the conference came about after realizing the need for a dedicated event specifically for the Fundraising Academy. They wanted to create an event that would be meaningful for various stakeholders, including emerging fundraisers, board members, volunteers, and executive directors. The conference features different tracks, including a general fundraising track and an executive leadership track, to cater to the diverse needs of attendees.

Jarrett Ransom highlights the three pillars of the conference: relationships, knowledge, and impact. The conference aims to foster meaningful relationships, provide valuable knowledge and insights, and empower attendees to make a significant impact in their organizations. The speakers at the conference come from various areas of the nonprofit sector, and there is a strong focus on engagement and interaction, with dedicated time for Q&A sessions.

The co-hosts discuss the importance of cultivating relationships in fundraising and how the conference aligns with the concept of cultivation. They emphasize that cultivation is an ongoing process, similar to tending to crops in a garden, and it requires continuous effort and engagement. The conference aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to cultivate relationships effectively and make a lasting impact.

They also mention the significance of metrics and measurement in fundraising success. Jarrett Ransom will be presenting a session on key performance indicators (KPIs) for nonprofit development teams. They stress the need for organizations to define metrics of success and measure progress to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in fundraising efforts.