In this episode of The Nonprofit Show, co-hosts Jarrett Ransom and Muhi Khwaja tackle viewer questions, providing valuable answers and guidance. One viewer seeks advice on getting board members to meet in person instead of relying solely on virtual meetings. Muhi suggests a hybrid approach, allowing board members to choose between in-person and virtual attendance. He emphasizes the benefits of face-to-face interaction and suggests setting a precedent by having board leadership attend in person.

Another viewer shares their concern about an employee mistreating a volunteer at an event. Both co-hosts agree that the incident should be reported to the volunteer coordinator or senior leadership within the organization. They stress the importance of addressing such behavior promptly and maintaining a respectful environment for all volunteers.

A viewer from Chicago raises the issue of financial transparency within their nonprofit. They believe the finance department should share more than just revenue information. Muhi suggests including expense details in annual reports and utilizing the publicly accessible Form 990, which provides financial statements. Jarrett adds that board reports often contain relevant financial information and recommends reaching out to the finance department for access to this data.

The final question expresses concern about lacking a college education and how it may hinder their advancement in the nonprofit sector. Muhi advises pursuing certificate programs in nonprofit leadership or fundraising and taking advantage of free resources like webinars. He also suggests finding mentors in the field and seeking professional development opportunities within their current organization. Jarrett shares her own experience, highlighting that passion and natural abilities can be more valuable than a degree when it comes to hiring in the fundraising sector. She mentions the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and Young Nonprofit Professional Networks (YNPN) as valuable resources for career development.  More about Fundraising Academy.