Muhi Khwaja, a trainer at Fundraising Academy and co-founder of the American Muslim Community Foundation helps Jarrett Ransom, as they provide advice on questions about advisory boards, social media management, donor relationships, and donor recognition.

The first question is about setting up an advisory board or task force for an upcoming capital campaign with a limited time frame. Muhi and Jarrett discuss the benefits of involving influential people who can open doors to potential supporters. They also recommend creating various committees for different aspects of fundraising, such as event planning or finance.

The second question asks whether it’s appropriate to have an administrative assistant handle the CEO’s social media presence. Jarrett and Muhi suggest ensuring that the communication aligns with the CEO’s approval and considering tools like Hootsuite for scheduling posts. They also recommend having regular conversations between the CEO and the administrative assistant to discuss the direction of social media efforts.

Another question asks whether it’s acceptable to switch development professionals responsible for a donor if there is no personal connection between them. Muhi emphasizes focusing on the common goal of supporting the organization and suggests making a warm handoff to another team member who might be a better fit for the donor’s social style.

The last question is about posting a blog article to honor a large donor who recently passed away. Muhi and the co-host agree that it’s appropriate to acknowledge the impact of a significant donor, as long as it’s done with respect and class. They suggest focusing on the positive impact the donor had and considering additional gestures like sending flowers or a card to the family.

In the closing remarks, Muhi shares some end-of-fiscal-year tips, including reaching out to lapsed donors, conducting performance reviews, and assessing portfolio management. The co-host adds that focusing on the commonalities with donors is crucial.