host Julia Patrick answers questions from viewers with help from Muhi Khwaja, a fundraising expert from Fundraising Academy and Co-founder of the American Muslim Community Foundation. The discussion starts with a question from a fundraiser working for a faith-based organization but not belonging to the same faith as the organization’s founders. Muhi suggests that it depends on how mission-centric the faith aspect is to the organization. As long as the fundraiser connects with the mission and impact, it is acceptable to work for such an organization. They also touch on the importance of not letting personal beliefs interfere with the work and handling donor inquiries about faith with sensitivity.
The conversation then shifts to a question about the ideal number of donors in a fundraiser’s portfolio. Muhi emphasizes the need for a personalized approach and suggests having a tiered system based on donor responsiveness and engagement level. He mentions that portfolio sizes can vary depending on whether it is for major gifts or annual funds.
Next, they respond to a question on how to reconnect with lapsed donors and how far back to go in the donor database. Muhi advises going back at least three years but preferably as far back as possible.
The episode wraps-up with Julia expressing admiration for Muhi’s approach and how he embodies a mindset of abundance. They talk about the impact of taking time off and shifting one’s mindset from focusing solely on work to cherishing life and finding a healthy balance. With an ending question about burnout, Muhi believes it’s essential to express any concerns about burnout to one’s leadership and ask for time off or support without feeling guilty. Honesty and authenticity are crucial in these conversations, and a supportive leadership team will understand the need for recuperation.