Co-hosts Jarrett Ransom and LaShonda Williams, a trainer at Fundraising Academy, engage in an “ask and answer”, responding to questions submitted by viewers and listeners related to nonprofit management and fundraising, highlighting the importance of open communication, transparency, and team support within nonprofit organizations.
Throughout this quick-paced session, Jarrett and LaShonda share personal anecdotes and insights, promoting a supportive and engaging atmosphere, providing valuable advice on nurturing team members and fostering a healthy work environment.
The first question addresses the idea of bringing a non-fundraiser team member from programming to meet with donors. LaShonda suggests that inviting someone from programming, especially if seeking funding for that area, can be beneficial as they possess expertise and can provide essential knowledge to potential donors. She advises preparing the individual for the meeting and rehearsing points of discussion to ensure comfort and effectiveness.
Next, they respond to a question about approaching businesses to cover nonprofit’s operational costs like utilities. LaShonda recommends creating a campaign for unrestricted funds and developing sponsorship packages that offer benefits and recognition to sponsors, rather than seeking specific funding for utilities.
Another question revolves around taking sabbaticals to combat burnout. LaShonda emphasizes the importance of self-care and mental health and suggests having an honest conversation with the supervisor to discuss the need for a sabbatical. She encourages transparency and creating a support system while the employee is on leave.

They discuss developing a personal development budget for the team, whether it should be determined on a per-person basis or as a group charge. Both hosts agree on the significance of personal and professional development and suggest involving the team in decision-making and providing opportunities for growth.