Co-hosts Julia Patrick, and LaShonda Williams, a trainer at the Fundraising Academy and representing National University, offer insightful perspectives on recent questions from Show viewers related to fundraising, organizational transitions, and team dynamics.
The first question revolves around a corporate donor’s approach to funding nonprofits for a specific period of three consecutive years. LaShonda provides a positive viewpoint, suggesting that this timeframe offers an opportunity for nonprofits to demonstrate their impact and engage the donor on a deeper level. She encourages listeners to approach the situation with the intention of extending the relationship by focusing on alignment, strategy, and exceptional outcomes. Julia shares her own take on the matter, highlighting the importance of strategic planning to replace funds after the designated three years.
The discussion continues with questions about how to handle transitioning out of a nonprofit organization, particularly for a CFO who is planning to retire. LaShonda emphasizes the significance of transparent communication with the organization’s leadership, suggesting a transition plan that includes overlapping roles, consulting, or even interim positions to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities.
The dialogue then turns to the topic of a book club formed by programming staff within a nonprofit, with the goal of discussing technical topics. However, they are facing resistance from staff not involved in programming. LaShonda suggests a balanced approach, where the option of joining the book club is presented, but also considers the potential intimidation factor. Her recommendations include creating high-level summaries and gauging the interests of non-programming staff to find ways to make the experience more engaging and inclusive.