We’re at day two of the ‘Raise’ One Cause Conference in Nashville, where over 600 nonprofit professionals have gathered to discuss nonprofit strategies and fundraising. Host Jarrett Ransom welcomes special guest Shawn Olds, co-founder and Co-CEO of Boodle.AI, who discusses how they leverage artificial intelligence and generative AI to help nonprofits engage donors more effectively and efficiently.

Shawn emphasizes the importance of not getting myopically focused on one AI tool and encourages nonprofits to experiment with different technologies to find what works best for their specific needs.

Next, we hear from Kevin Spikerman of Charity Buzz, an impact marketplace that connects charities with high-net-worth bidders for unique experiences and items. Kevin shares a remarkable success story involving a lunch with Julia Roberts, which sold for $140,000, highlighting the potential of their platform to raise funds for nonprofits.

Finally, we chat with Taylor Shanklin, founder of Barlele and Creative Shizzle, who discusses her podcast, “Talking Shizzle,” focused on helping small businesses and nonprofits tackle marketing challenges. Taylor emphasizes the importance of breaking down challenges and implementing data-driven strategies to better communicate with donors.

These insightful interviews reveal the collaborative and innovative spirit of the Raise One Cause Conference and offer valuable takeaways for nonprofits looking to enhance their fundraising efforts and engagement strategies.