Dana Scurlock, from StaffingBoutique.org, discusses summer staffing opportunities for nonprofits, providing valuable insights into the challenges nonprofits face in hiring during this time by emphasizing the importance of managing expectations, utilizing technology, and maintaining effective communication to ensure a successful hiring process.

The conversation begins with a discussion about the fast-paced nature of the current world and how technology has played a role in increasing the speed of communication. This can sometimes lead to challenges in managing expectations, especially in the hiring process where candidates often expect quick responses and decisions.

The focus then shifts to the impact of vacations and summer schedules on the hiring process. Dana explains that with the shift towards more collaborative decision-making in organizations, there are often multiple stakeholders involved in the hiring process. Juggling the schedules of all these individuals, especially during the summer when people take vacations or have family commitments, can pose a challenge. Dana emphasizes the importance of managing expectations and communication to keep the hiring process on track.

Jarrett and Dana then explore how technology has facilitated the hiring process, particularly during the pandemic. With the widespread adoption of virtual interviews and communication tools like Zoom, it has become easier to keep the hiring process going even when schedules are hectic. They also discuss the importance of maintaining consistent communication with candidates to keep them engaged and informed throughout the process.

The conversation touches on the cultural differences between the nonprofit and corporate sectors when it comes to the speed of decision-making. Nonprofits, driven by their mission and often operating with limited resources, tend to move at a slower pace. However, there is a growing push to bring the nonprofit sector into the future by adopting faster and more efficient processes that align with the expectations of younger generations entering the workforce.

The episode concludes with a discussion about the impact of fiscal year-end, which occurs at the end of June for many nonprofits. Dana highlights the importance of planning ahead, setting clear expectations for hiring timelines, and the need for consistent communication and touchpoints with candidates throughout the process.