The specific action of aligning mission, vision, operations, and strategic planning enables nonprofits to thrive and fulfill their missions effectively. We learn more, led by Jennifer Drago, a seasoned strategy and governance expert with Peak to Profit Consultants. Her work spans nonprofit strategic planning, governance, and board development, recognizing the pivotal role of boards in providing strategic direction to organizations. Throughout the discussion, Jennifer articulates a clear roadmap for effective strategic planning. She emphasizes the need to start with a comprehensive vision of the organization’s future, moving away from static vision statements to dynamic, descriptive narratives. Jennifer advocates for a collaborative process, involving boards, leadership teams, and staff to craft a shared vision that serves as a guiding beacon for the organization. A key takeaway from Jennifer’s insights is the importance of active engagement with the strategic plan beyond its creation. She points to the need for ongoing visibility and accountability, advocating for regular review sessions to track progress and address challenges. Jennifer shares practical tools like clear dashboards and performance assessments tied to strategic goals to ensure alignment and accountability at all levels of the organization. Jennifer continues, commenting on the critical role of boards in governance, highlighting common challenges such as outdated structures and lack of succession planning. She stresses the need for intentional governance practices, including board recruitment, term limits, and CEO succession planning, to strengthen organizational resilience and competitiveness.