The Nonprofit Fixer goes deep into the ‘seven mistakes nonprofit executive directors make’ and offers valuable strategies to avoid these blunders. Whether you’re a current nonprofit leader or aspiring to be one, this learning episode is packed with essential tips and firsthand experiences to help you navigate the role of Executive Director! Sean Kosofsky, with his three decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, passionately shares his insights, having observed numerous nonprofit leaders navigating their roles with limited support, Sean has tailored his career towards enhancing executive director leadership through specialized coaching and consulting.

As Sean details these frequent missteps, he begins with the importance of employment contracts for nonprofit leaders, distinguishing them as crucial for job security and organizational commitment. He explains, “In the private sector, having an employment contract is standard, especially if you’re an executive. But in the nonprofit sector, what I’ve found is that most nonprofit leaders do not have them unless you’re at like, three million, four million, five million or larger size budget organizations.” . . .. amplifying the disparity between the sectors and the vulnerabilities executive directors face without contractual protections.

Continuing, Sean discusses other vital areas where executive directors often stumble, such as financial oversight before starting a role, building rapport with the board chair, and the imperative of being involved in fundraising. He stresses that understanding and actively participating in fundraising is non-negotiable for effective leadership.

This lively discussion, with Host Meredith Terrian, also touches on the significance of having a robust relationship with the board chair, managing team dynamics effectively, and the strategic importance of saying ‘no’ to maintain focus and mental well-being. Each point is highlighted with practical advice and solutions.

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