A conversation on the power of social connections and discourse within the nonprofit sector. In this captivating interview, our co-hosts sit down with Jared Seide, the Executive Director of the Center for Council, a transformative organization dedicated to building communities through authentic communication and compassionate engagement.

Amidst the frenetic pace of the nonprofit world, Jared Seide shares his profound insights on the importance of finding common ground, fostering a sense of belonging, and addressing the pervasive epidemic of loneliness and isolation. He also offers a glimpse into the core of his organization’s mission, which involves teaching individuals, organizations, and communities to establish structures of connection through the practice of Council.

Jared’s perspective transcends borders, as he highlights how Center for Council’s impact spans from Los Angeles to Rwanda and Bosnia Herzegovina, connecting diverse communities across the globe. He emphasizes the pivotal role that vulnerability and shared experience play in creating trust, empathy, and collaboration, both within teams and across generational divides.

As we navigate the challenges of an increasingly polarized world, Jared Seide offers a profound message of unity, highlighting the ways in which Council fosters a safe space for authentic conversation and the discovery of shared values. By exploring the deep-rooted impact of loneliness on mental and physical health, he reveals the urgency of reclaiming genuine connections to enhance well-being.

Throughout this interview, Jared Seide’s insights resonate as a beacon of hope for nonprofit organizations seeking to transform their communities through meaningful dialogue, compassion, and the unifying force of shared purpose. Join us in this enlightening conversation that empowers nonprofit leaders and changemakers to embrace vulnerability, build bridges, and create a world where social connections flourish.