Questions from nonprofits about DEI accusations, donor tour etiquette, a potential Board Chairman mutiny and missing the mark on marketing. Julia Patrick and guest cohost LaShonda Williams engage in this fast-paced candid discussion.

The first question tackled a sensitive issue involving an accusation of racism within the workplace. LaShonda emphasizes the importance of active listening and fostering authentic conversations to address such allegations. She recommends seeking HR training or reaching out to board members for assistance, stressing the need for professional development to navigate cultural differences and interpretations.

They go on to address a query regarding hosting a high-profile donor at the organization’s cafeteria. LaShonda encourages embracing authenticity and meaningful experiences, suggesting that the donor might appreciate the opportunity to engage with the organization’s community in a different setting.

The conversation then shifts to improving board meeting effectiveness. LaShonda highlights the significance of annual retreats for board members to clarify roles and responsibilities, while also suggesting the inclusion of a parliamentarian to ensure smooth meeting operations.

Lastly, they discuss the challenge of aligning fundraising and marketing efforts. LaShonda proposes joint meetings to facilitate collaboration and mutual understanding between development and marketing teams, emphasizing the importance of storytelling and reaching donors effectively.

Each week these questions bring forth meaningful points to learn from in operating your nonprofit or charitable organization. Enjoy!!