Fundraising through vehicle and real estate donations. Howard Pearl, the CEO of, an organization dedicated to charitable adult rides and services describes how they provide a turnkey solution for nonprofits of all sizes, ensuring they receive support tailored to their needs, serving both major organizations like the American Red Cross and smaller local charities with equal dedication.

Howard discusses the “On the Go” program, which offers transportation services for seniors and other communities with transportation barriers. This program addresses crucial needs within aging populations, emphasizing the significance of maintaining dignity and independence for individuals as they age.

Throughout the chat, with our host Jarrett Ransom, Howard emphasizes his organization’s commitment to supporting nonprofits and communities, sharing how their teams are setup for attracting donors, including leveraging marketing efforts and conducting wealth screenings to identify potential supporters.

Howard offers thoughtful words on the privilege of serving diverse nonprofits and communities, highlighting the NPO’s focus on promoting the missions of their partner organizations rather than their own brand. As Howard aptly put it, “It’s a privilege to do this job. You’re not helping one organization or one person. You’re helping so many of them.”

He encouraged listeners to explore to learn more about their impactful work and how they can get involved in supporting various causes.