Nonprofit Board orientations and leadership in the nonprofit sector with the Director of New Client Experience and Technical Services at Chazin and Company, Michelle Philo. The conversation covers the importance of properly onboarding new board members to nonprofits and charities and ensuring they understand their roles and responsibilities.

Michelle emphasizes that the onboarding process should be a two-way dialogue, allowing new board members to not only learn about the organization but also to voice their ideas and concerns. She stresses the significance of board members understanding the organization’s financials, strategic plans, and budgeting, as these are key components of their fiduciary responsibilities.

This fast-paced learning session also touches upon the need for board members to familiarize themselves with policies, risk assessments, and conflict of interest guidelines. Additionally, the discussion highlights the importance of using digital tools, like shared drives and dashboards, to facilitate access to critical documents and data for board members.

Throughout the conversation, the hosts, Jarrett Ransom and Julia Patrick, engage Michelle in a thoughtful exploration of how board orientation can enhance the effectiveness of nonprofit boards and ultimately contribute to achieving an organization’s mission and vision.

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