The myths and hurdles of public data access for nonprofits, with details on the newest methods of assessing data to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofits and funders. An eye-opening interview with David Fox-Estrin, the Partnerships Director at Impala, a tech-for-good startup focused on making data accessible and actionable, especially for nonprofits and social impact organizations.

David, who has a background in both corporate consulting and running a nonprofit, highlights the challenges nonprofits face in fundraising and how Impala aims to address them. Impala offers several products, including Essentials (combining data from sources like Candid, GuideStar, and Foundation Directory Online), Ecosystems (for evaluating philanthropic landscapes), and Paths (for mapping connections to funders).

The conversation explores the concept of data justice, emphasizing the need to make data more accessible, especially for nonprofits in underserved areas. David mentions how Impala encourages transparency and helps nonprofits and funders understand each other better by providing comprehensive data.

They also discuss the potential for collaboration among funders and how Impala’s platform can facilitate this by showcasing commonalities in grant portfolios. The energizing discussion touches on the challenge of changing the culture of secrecy among some foundations and highlights the growing importance of transparency in philanthropy.

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