Abby Wilkymacky, founder of MindFlower Studio, joins us to shed light on the role of professional facilitators in nonprofit organizations. As an advocate for mindful facilitation, Abby provides wise perspectives on the importance of bringing in external facilitators to guide key discussions and strategic processes.

Abby highlights the essence of facilitation, emphasizing its role in easing processes, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation within nonprofit settings. She describes her role as a graphic facilitator, utilizing visuals to aid understanding and navigate complex conversations, thereby enhancing problem-solving and strategic planning efforts.

One key insight Abby shares is regarding the neutrality of external facilitators. She emphasizes how their impartiality brings fresh perspectives and enables them to guide discussions without biases or preconceptions, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and productive environment.

Throughout the interview, Abby addresses various aspects of facilitation, from navigating diverse personalities within boards and staff to adapting to the evolving landscape of virtual meetings. She underscores the importance of setting a conducive culture for engagement, whether in-person or digital, and provides tips for maximizing participation and collaboration.

In discussing the financial aspect of hiring facilitators, Abby highlights the wide range of costs associated with facilitation services, emphasizing the need for customized solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs and goals, and shares words about the potential for funding support from foundations and other sources, making facilitation accessible to nonprofits of all sizes.

Abby’s passion for empowering organizations through facilitation is evident throughout the interview, as she leaves with a compelling message: “Facilitation is not just about getting back to business; it’s about how we do business.” Abby’s dedication to mindful facilitation serves as a beacon for nonprofits looking to navigate complexity, foster collaboration, and achieve their mission-driven goals. Learn more at