The Senior Product and Marketing Manager at Bloomerang, Lisa Gonzalez, gives amazing insights into donor engagement, setting the stage for a dynamic discussion on the nuances of cultivating generous donors with actionable strategies.

Lisa kicks off the conversation by breaking down the concept of identifying generous donors into three key components: readiness, willingness, and ability. She elaborates on the importance of engaging donors who are not only financially capable but also actively involved and inclined to give. Gonzalez reminds us that wealth alone does not guarantee generosity, advocating for a holistic approach to donor segmentation that considers both engagement and giving history.

Quoting Lisa, “Just because someone’s wealthy doesn’t mean they’re generous. And just because they’re not giving a lot doesn’t mean they’re not willing.” This sentiment underscores the need for nonprofits to focus on donors who demonstrate a combination of engagement and generosity, rather than solely relying on wealth screening.

The lively chat also the significance of personalization and segmentation in donor outreach, with Lisa highlighting the potential of targeting diverse donor segments, including prospective patrons and passionate volunteers, who may not fit the traditional donor profile but possess untapped potential for support.

In Lisa’s words, she emphasizes, “It’s about those people who have influence about the people around them. They’re kind of the go-to person when you want to know something. They have the opportunity, or they have the charisma to galvanize the people around them.”, underscoring the value of identifying and leveraging influential supporters within donor networks.

The conversation also touched on the role of technology, with details on Bloomerang’s innovative approach to predictive giving insights. By combining engagement ratings with generosity metrics, Bloomerang’s CRM empowers nonprofits to identify and prioritize high-value donors efficiently.

Furthermore, Lisa sheds light on the pitfalls of solely focusing on wealth screening, stressing the importance of considering donors’ giving history and engagement levels whilst adopting a data-driven approach that goes beyond superficial wealth indicators to nurture meaningful donor relationships.

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