In this Master Class on nonprofit fundraising, Jarrett Ransom, the CEO of the Rayvan Group, discusses the importance of understanding fundraising data and using it strategically to achieve nonprofit goals.

Jarrett emphasizes the significance of passion and commitment in the nonprofit sector and highlights the need for diverse thought and actions, as she discusses the challenges nonprofits face, especially at year-end when they’re uncertain about meeting their goals.

Jarrett works with organizations and individuals to help them navigate their fundraising challenges. She begins with the idea of understanding where an organization stands at any given point in time and how data can help guide their efforts.

Jarrett mentions the importance of analyzing data points related to revenue goals, donor databases, year-over-year data, and the impact of historical events like the pandemic and presidential campaigns on fundraising efforts and then touches on the concept of major gifts, emphasizing the need for organizations to define their major gift levels and adapt them as needed.

The discussion then turns to the relevance of direct mail in the digital age, with Jarrett highlighting the value of direct mail campaigns, particularly for donor retention and acquisition.

The discussion wraps up with words about the use of a dashboard and data analysis in nonprofit fundraising, emphasizing the need for organizations to set clear goals and strategies based on data. Jarrett shares a physical document that can be used as a dashboard for tracking key fundraising metrics