Strategies for motivating nonprofit board members with Christal Cherry, the President of, highlighting practical strategies for energizing nonprofit boards, fostering a positive board culture, and improving board engagement in fundraising efforts.

Christol starts by explaining her motivation for founding, emphasizing her desire to help nonprofit boards thrive. She stresses the importance of recruiting the right board members by conducting a thorough vetting process, like a job search, to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities and align with the organization’s mission.

The conversation then jumps into building a positive board culture, as Christol advocates for creating an environment of open communication, respect, and camaraderie among board members. She recommends setting a clear culture statement that outlines the expected behaviors and values.

The lively chat also touches on the topic of staff members attending board meetings. Christol emphasizes that traditional hierarchies are being questioned, and some organizations are now open to staff participation in board meetings, especially when staff members have valuable insights or achievements to share.

Regarding fundraising, Christol shares her approach, emphasizing that board members should make a personal donation to demonstrate commitment and then providing them with a toolkit to equip them for fundraising efforts. She encourages board members to tell compelling stories about the organization rather than feeling like they are begging for money.

Lastly, Christol discusses the importance of recognizing board members who bring in funds or donations through their efforts, even if they don’t make a personal financial contribution.
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