Insights, actionable tips, and a fresh perspective on modern-day fundraising! In a fun conversation, Kevin Spykerman from Charity Buzz and a seasoned professional in fundraising, reminisces about his rich 17-year journey. Emphasizing the importance of thinking beyond traditional gala fundraisers, Kevin unveils the concept of Charity Buzz’s “impact marketplace”. This platform, boasting a network of 250,000 active bidders, offers an innovative avenue for charities to raise funds throughout the year.

Digging deeper, the hosts discuss the untapped potential of networks and connections. A significant part of Kevin’s role involves analyzing the networks of board members, assisting organizations in leveraging these connections for fundraising. The post-event phase emerges as a crucial focus area, where nonprofits can work towards fostering relationships and converting one-time donors into long-term supporters. Kevin shares how social trends, such as popular concerts or sporting events, can be harnessed for timely fundraising opportunities, positioning Charity Buzz as an avenue to tap into them. The chat concludes with a reminder of the significance of mission statements and the need for every nonprofit team member to internalize and embody them.