In a jubilant celebration of their 900th episode, co-hosts Jarrett Ransom and Julia Patrick reflect on their journey through “The Nonprofit Show.” With gratitude to their partners and viewers, they reminisce about the show’s evolution from its early days and discuss important lessons learned along the way.

Jarrett and Julia emphasize the misconception that nonprofits aren’t nimble and cannot work remotely. They debunk this myth, highlighting the adaptability and success of organizations that have embraced remote work and technology.

They express their surprise at the emotional impact of guests’ stories, revealing that even seasoned nonprofit professionals like themselves can be deeply moved by the passion and dedication of those in the sector.

In looking forward, the dynamic duo co-hosts predict that in five years, the nonprofit sector will shed the overhead myth and become more collaborative, with funders easing restrictions on grant applications. They also foresee changes in donor-advised funds and acknowledge the importance of addressing these shifts.

Jarrett and Julia express their commitment to the nonprofit sector and its continued evolution. They are grateful for their partners and viewers, vowing to keep sharing knowledge and insights to support the sector’s growth.