Nonprofits asked about: CEO tenure lengths, professional development for fundraisers and programming, building donor relations outside your geography,From The Nonprofit Show, Julia Patrick addresses these questions.¬† The first question pertains to the evolving trend of shorter CEO tenures in nonprofit leadership positions. Julia highlights that shorter tenures can indicate flexibility and adaptability, but it’s crucial to ask candidates about their reasons for such durations to make informed hiring decisions.

Next, Julia answers a question from a fundraiser who wonders whether to invest more in professional development for fundraising or programming. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the nonprofit‘s work and suggests a holistic approach, advocating for knowledge of both fundraising and programming to be a well-rounded fundraiser.

Julia also offers advice to someone trying to build relationships with potential donors outside their community. She encourages looking beyond geographic boundaries, considering the digital age, and tapping into the philanthropic passions of donors who may have moved away but still care about their community.