Peering into the intricacies of modern resumes in the 2024 digital age within the nonprofit sector, shedding light on resume crafting in today’s job market, with Dana Scurlock, the Director of Recruitment at Staffing Boutique.

Dana begins by emphasizing the importance of adapting resumes to the digital era, highlighting the shift from traditional paper-based formats to dynamic, content-rich digital resumes. As she puts it, “I think it’s great that everything’s digital now. What that lends itself to, though, is that we don’t have to confine ourselves to just one page.”

One key takeaway from Dana’s expertise is the significance of quality over quantity. She explains the importance of tailoring resumes to specific job opportunities rather than adopting a blanket approach. “I would rather send out five really high quality, well thought out, tailored resumes to the particular job you’re applying to,” Dana notes, “than if you’re able to crank out 20-25 in a week just to get 20-25 out.”

Furthermore, Dana provides a look into the role of platforms like LinkedIn in the recruitment process. While acknowledging the utility of LinkedIn profiles, she cautions against solely relying on them in place of traditional resumes. “I think where it can become tricky is when people are utilizing LinkedIn in place of an actual CV or resume,” Dana remarks, advocating for alignment between LinkedIn profiles and formal resumes.

Throughout the conversation, Dana details the importance of clear, concise formatting and the strategic incorporation of relevant experiences, skills, and accomplishments. Her emphasis on reverse chronological resumes and the inclusion of comprehensive job descriptions resonated deeply with our audience.