The discussion begins with an emphasis on the importance of not abandoning the core principles of fundraising, even during year-end campaigns, highlighting the “Donor Cultivation Cycle” as a tool to strengthen donor relationships, focusing on understanding donor interests and connections to the mission.

In this second part of the Nonprofit Drill Down series, the hosts are joined by Muhi Khwaja, a seasoned trainer at Fundraising Academy and co-founder of the American Muslim Community Foundation. This fast-paced episode dives deeper into the strategies and tactics for powerful end-of-year fundraising.

The conversation then shifts to the importance of stewardship in year-end fundraising. Muhi explains the value of recognizing donors’ giving anniversaries as an opportunity to engage with them personally. He recommends using various communication channels, such as phone calls, emails, handwritten letters, and social media, to maintain regular contact and express gratitude. He advises tailoring the approach to suit donors’ preferences and using tools like Hootsuite to streamline social media posting.

The hosts and Muhi Khwaja also discuss how to effectively steward donors after fundraising events, including sending thank-you messages and providing updates on the impact of their contributions.

This valuable learning episode wraps-up with a fascinating discussion about recruiting a year-end campaign committee by engaging donors or board members to share testimonials and stories about their support for the organization. This personal touch not only strengthens donor relationships but can also lead to adding new prospects to the database.