First of a two-part series on nonprofit strategies on year-end fundraising and database analysis, providing valuable insights for nonprofits.

Muhi Khwaja, a trainer at Fundraising Academy and co-founder of the American Muslim Community Foundation, shares his expertise on donor retention, communication frequency, and leveraging data effectively. He emphasizes the importance of historical data to understand donor behavior, especially during and post-COVID times. The video highlights the significance of two essential reports: “SOME YEARS BUT NOT THIS YEAR” and “LAST YEAR BUT NOT THIS YEAR,” which should be pulled quarterly to inform donor engagement strategies.

Muhi goes on to urge that nonprofits focus on monthly communications as an effective strategy, balancing engagement without overwhelming donors. He recommends segmenting communications for specific events or announcements while maintaining a reasonable email frequency.

Day two of this series promises to delve deeper into stewardship outreach plans and campaign communications, offering nonprofits valuable guidance on building stronger, data-driven relationships with donors. Don’t miss that follow-up!