The role of a fundraiser extends far beyond mere solicitation; it’s about fostering a culture of philanthropy, building trust, and creating lasting impacts. Ken Phillips, named the Association of Fundraising Professional’s “2024 Fundraiser of the Year”, embodies these principles with remarkable distinction. In an insightful conversation with host Julia Patrick, Ken shares invaluable perspectives on the evolving landscape of fundraising and its profound significance in shaping a better world.

Ken brings to light the critical role of fundraisers in catalyzing positive change. With over four decades of experience, Ken epitomizes the transformative power of fundraising, grounded in a profound belief that it builds a better world, stating, “Raising money for good programs that help people and giving donors something of value… as a fundraiser, you’re helping two worlds.” His journey began with a deep-rooted passion for social impact, shaped by childhood influences and a commitment to excellence instilled by his parents. Through various roles in esteemed organizations like Isaac, Save the Children, and Plan International, Ken orchestrated remarkable growth, tripling incomes, and spearheading innovative strategies.

Throughout the fast-paced discussion, Ken points to the imperative of organizational cohesion, advocating for a holistic approach to fundraising. He advocates for a shift towards ‘total organization fundraising,’ where every member is empowered to champion the cause. He challenges the status quo, highlighting the pressing need for internal communication and professional development within fundraising teams. By fostering a culture of philanthropy and nurturing internal talent, Ken envisions a future where fundraisers are truly catalysts of change, driving sustainable impact worldwide.

As a leader in the nonprofit sector, using strategic foresight, collaborative teamwork, and unwavering persistence, Ken Phillips exemplifies the transformative potential of fundraising in shaping a world defined by compassion, equity, and opportunity.