Mental and physical burnout in the nonprofit sector is an unfortunate reality, but there are ways to address it constructively. Meico Whitlock, founder of Mindful Techie, shares insights on how to protect ourselves from the ravages of nonprofit work.

Meico introduces a refreshing perspective on navigating burnout, urging us to change the conversation, with guidance that begins with, “We’re not chasing dollars or titles; we’re driven by a personal mission to leave the world better than we found it.” With that thought in mind, rather than a reactive approach, he advocates for proactive steps toward well-being. He believes in addressing burnout collectively and individually, offering a Change Framework comprising six commitments: Connect to Your Why, Honor Your Priorities, Acknowledge Limiting Beliefs, Negotiate Boundaries, Generate Inner Space, and Embody Well-being.

Throughout the conversation, Meico and the co-hosts, Wendy Adams and Julia Patrick, dig into the nuances of recognizing burnout. From increased sick days to withdrawal from colleagues, the signs are varied but crucial to acknowledge. Meico reminds us that self-care isn’t separate from the work; it is the work. By starting small, such as reaching out to HR for support or seeking medical advice, individuals can gradually reclaim balance.

The discussion unfolds into practical advice for individuals and organizations alike. Meico emphasizes simplicity, urging listeners to distill action plans down to what fits on an index card. He encourages a mindful, step-by-step approach, fostering a culture of grace and compassion toward oneself and others.

In the end, the fast-paced discussion will leave you with a profound insight: preventing burnout requires a shift in mindset and action. It’s about honoring our well-being while still making a meaningful impact.

For more wisdom from Meico Whitlock and to explore his book, visit and find “When Work Doesn’t Love You Back” on Amazon. Embrace well-being as an integral part of your mission-driven life.