The role of stewardship through affiliation in fostering alumni philanthropy, and the long-term benefits of engaging alumni beyond graduation, with Lashonda Williams, as the Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving at South Texas College of Law Houston. LaShonda describes the significance of building relationships with students during their academic journey, highlighting the value of maintaining communication with students during their time at the school and mentions the successful implementation of a student giving day and senior gift challenge to encourage philanthropy among students. She also shares the value of stewardship by connecting scholarship recipients with their donors, creating meaningful experiences, and cultivating relationships that extend beyond graduation.


LaShonda further explains that fostering student engagement is the foundation for building a productive alumni donor base. She mentions the role of student organizations and individual connections in the philanthropic space. LaShonda emphasizes the importance of making students aware of the significance of philanthropy and how it supports their education. She discusses the impact of scholarships and the need to connect scholarship recipients with their donors to foster stewardship, gratitude, and mentorship.

LaShonda mentions the importance of starting the alumni relationship while students are still attending the institution and collecting updated contact information. She suggests delivering alumni SWAG as a recognition of their first gift and other ways to create opportunities for alumni to provide feedback on their priorities and interests.

The hosts, Julia Patrick and Jarrett Ransom, also give a “Tip of the Hat” to the South Texas College of Law’s centennial celebration and the achievement of reaching 100 years as the oldest law school in Texas.