From including both spouses on nonprofit’s campus tours to the effectiveness of donor swag and the choice between upscale venues and authentic experiences for wealthy donors, LaShonda Williams and Julia Patrick share actionable insights on questions from viewers.

When a viewer asks about including both spouses on a campus tour for potential major donors, LaShonda points to the importance of involving both individuals in the relationship-building process. She stresses the need for alignment and engagement from both parties.

Julia prompts a discussion about the role of women in philanthropy, leading LaShonda to explore shifting dynamics in decision-making within families.

The fun discussion then turns to the value of offering swag to donors and potential donors. LaShonda pushes for meaningful and practical items that align with an organization’s brand and cater to donors’ daily lives, emphasizing strategic selection to maximize impact and steward resources effectively.

Next, LaShonda addresses the choice between hosting a donor cultivation event at a shelter versus a more upscale venue. Both Julia and LaShonda amplify the power of firsthand experiences in fostering connections with donors, advocating for authenticity over extravagance.

The episode concludes with insights into sharing enthusiasm and knowledge gained from conferences with colleagues, explaining the importance of maintaining enthusiasm and involving team members in conference planning to foster buy-in and collaboration.