How nonprofits can enhance their year-end fundraising efforts with Micah James, Manager of Professional Services at  Micah starts with the importance of authenticity in nonprofit messaging during this busy season, advising organizations to avoid cookie-cutter approaches and instead showcase their unique missions and impact.

Micah encourages nonprofits to communicate authentically, connecting with their local communities and highlighting their specific contributions to solving community problems. She points out that unique approaches tend to resonate more with donors, stating, “It’s really about connecting not only with your community—where are you located? What’s your context? —but also, what do you do in that community to solve that community’s problems?”

The conversation also covers the use of video in nonprofit communications. Micah recommends short (90-second or less) videos to provide a distinctive touch and make supporters feel connected to the organization’s work. Authenticity was key, and she advised against over-editing, encouraging nonprofits to showcase their day-to-day operations and impact. Micah urges, “90 seconds or less is like that perfect sauce. So it’s not too long, not too short—just letting me say, ‘Hey, how are you? This is us. Come on in. Don’t you want to be a part of this?'”

The hosts asked about the challenge of nonprofits operating remotely or without a physical presence to showcase. Micah digs into storytelling and capturing the essence of the organization through conversations, even if it’s a virtual tour or discussion among team members.

This episode also describes the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image throughout the donation process, including on landing pages. Micah stresses the need to minimize friction in the donation process, ensuring that donors feel safe and comfortable, advising nonprofits to test their own donation experiences, stating, “If you haven’t gone through your own donor experience yourself, do it today, like before the end of the day, donate a dollar and see how it feels all the way through so you know what your donors.”

Watch the entire episode and you will gain practical advice for your NPO to optimize year-end fundraising efforts, focusing on authenticity, effective use of video, and maintaining brand consistency to create a compelling donor experience