Julia Patrick, and Meredith Terrian from Fundraising Academy, address this week’s questions related to board recruitment, fundraising benchmarks, and internal office privacy at nonprofits. The cohosts provide valuable guidance on these nonprofit management challenges, underlining the importance of diversity, clear goal-setting, and sensitive communication within the organization.

Julia opens the discussion by introducing their first question, which is about recruiting younger board members to enhance diversity. Meredith responds thoughtfully, acknowledging the organization’s proactive approach in recognizing the need for diversity. She emphasizes the importance of a strategic approach to recruiting younger board members. “A board can make or break an organization,” Meredith says. “Being methodical and strategic about how you recruit, train, and engage board members is essential.”

Meredith provides specific recruitment strategies, such as reaching out to local universities, community organizations, and online platforms where young professionals network. She highlights the benefits of board involvement, like skill development and networking, and suggests matching potential members with roles that align with their skills and interests.

The cohosts also discuss the significance of setting fundraising goals, with Meredith clarifiying the difference between goals and benchmarks, advising a clear and realistic primary goal with benchmarks used to track progress in various fundraising categories.

Lastly, the cohosts address a viewer’s concern about a C-Suite member of their nonprofit publicly expressing interest in a new job on social media. Meredith encourages approaching the situation with sensitivity and understanding the context of the post. She suggests engaging in a private and casual conversation with the individual to inquire about their intentions while respecting their privacy and the decision not to discuss the matter further.