The value that nonprofit consultants can bring to organizations, underscoring the importance of viewing them as strategic partners in advancing the mission with Jerry Diaz, CFRE, founder, and CEO of Geronimo Consulting.¬† He begins by affirming, “Working with consultants is an investment, not an expense. They bring in expertise that you may not have on your team or not be able to afford somebody. So when you choose them, choose them wisely.”

The discussion revolves around various facets of nonprofit consulting, including the significance of being a proactive and cooperative client when collaborating with consultants. Jerry emphasizes that consultants operate across a broad spectrum of areas within nonprofits, such as fund development, organizational development, board engagement, program and data management. They provide a fresh perspective and invaluable insights that can prove highly cost-effective for organizations.

The conversation also touches on the changing landscape of nonprofit consulting. Funders are increasingly open to supporting transitional projects and initiatives, recognizing the pivotal role consultants can play during times of change. Consultants can help organizations navigate transitions resulting from leadership changes, periods of growth, or strategic shifts.

Furthermore, the dialogue explores the essential role of consultants in project management. Consultants, with their wealth of experience and an array of tools at their disposal, are well-equipped to oversee specific projects efficiently. They can assist organizations in successfully managing projects, even if those projects lie outside the organization’s typical purview.