In this annual Thanksgiving special episode, Host Julia Patrick shares the podium with her daughter Camaley Joy Patrick Jennings as they answer questions from NPO’s and discuss Camaley’s work in the nonprofit sector and her experiences on a nonprofit board. Camaley works as a marketing and project manager at GitHub, a subsidiary of Microsoft, on their social impact team.

Camaley shares insights into how GitHub encourages its employees to engage in philanthropic activities, citing one of their programs that incentivizes volunteering by offering a donation of $20 for every hour volunteered, which employees can contribute to a nonprofit of their choice.

The two chat about the challenges of educating employees in the tech sector about philanthropy, along with aspects of how GitHub faces cultural differences in volunteerism and philanthropy among its international employees. Camaley also talks about the importance of personal connections in a remote work environment and the ongoing efforts to communicate and engage employees effectively.

Julia asks Camaley about her experiences serving on a nonprofit board and whether her age and background have influenced her interactions with other board members. Camaley shares her thoughts on the board she serves on and continues by emphasizing the importance of passion and finding a balance between impact-driven work in one’s job and outside of it.

They explore the involvement of millennials in nonprofit boards, then discuss ways to make board commitments, especially financial ones, more achievable for younger board members. They propose the idea of offering scholarships to cover some of the financial commitments, thus diversifying the board’s composition and perspectives.

This fun family tradition concludes with gratitude for Camaley’s insights and wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.