This new 2024 interview highlights the growing awareness of mental wellness issues in the nonprofit sector and the need for proactive self-care and community support to sustain the vital work carried out by nonprofit professionals. Host Julia Patrick discusses the importance of mental wellness for individuals serving in nonprofit organizations with featured guest Jarrett Ransom, CEO of The Rayvan Group as she offers insights and practical suggestions for a roadmap for individuals seeking a healthier work-life blend in the nonprofit world.

Jarrett begins with the significance of strategic self-care practices, comparing it to the oxygen mask principle on an airplane – you must take care of yourself before helping others. She uses the analogy of a marathon, where occasionally slowing down is necessary to maintain a sustainable pace. Together, they discuss the trend of loneliness in today’s distributed workforce and the need for intimate communities.

Julia and Jarrett also explore the concept of retreat and reflection. Jarrett advises weaving self-care practices into everyday life and the conversation touches on coaching circles for growth, emphasizing the value of building communities where individuals can support, challenge, and nurture each other. They both stress the importance of these circles as a way to combat loneliness and promote mental wellness.