Jack Alotto, CFRE, a trainer from the Fundraising Academy, helps answer this week’s questions received from Show viewers, and offers scenarios related to nonprofit fundraising and management.

One of the key questions discussed is about a donor’s request for information about the organization’s history and potential changes to its management. Jack elaborates on the importance of handling such questions carefully and suggests asking clarifying questions to understand the donor’s concerns better and adds how this coincides with the principles of Cause Selling.

Another question revolves around asking for a raise within a nonprofit organization. Jack advises the listener not to hesitate to discuss their financial concerns with their supervisor and suggests focusing on improving one’s work to make a stronger case for a raise.

The topic of attending another nonprofit’s gala event is also addressed. Jack highlights the importance of learning from other organizations and building collaborative relationships rather than viewing them as competitors. He emphasizes the ethical boundaries regarding donor information.

Lastly, the episode touches on increasing monthly donor contributions. Jack speaks strongly about the value of monthly donors and warns against arbitrarily increasing their donation amounts without proper justification, stating: “I wouldn’t risk any of those things for a CEO or a development officer who says to me, ‘Go out there and raise an additional average of $50 from your monthly donors. Don’t do it.'”

Watch and enjoy learning from the real experiences of other nonprofits.