Jana London, the senior global program manager at AWS Global Healthcare and Nonprofit,¬† shares the latest on the world of technology in nonprofits. The fast-paced conversation revolves around “Are you leading with innovation?” and the concept of tech-curious leadership.

The discussion kicks off by addressing the fear associated with tech disruption, attributing it to the fear of the unknown and resistance to change. Jana offers a key insight, stating, “I think it’s a fear of the unknown and the fear of change, right?”

One key point that emerges is the shift towards technology becoming an integral part of organizational strategy, which can be intimidating to some. Jana dives deep into the idea of a tech-curious mindset and culture, stressing the significance of being open to exploring and integrating technology into leadership. She encourages leaders to ask questions like, “How can we do this differently?”

The discussion offers valuable insights on how to approach problems with a tech-curious mindset and how organizations can foster this culture within their teams. Jana explores the readiness of organizations to adopt technology, highlighting indicators such as a culture of innovation, technology’s integration into the core strategy, and a willingness to start with the basics.

As the conversation unfolds, Jana introduces the Imagine Nonprofit Conference, an event dedicated to inspiring nonprofits to leverage cloud technology. The conference, set to take place on March 20th at Amazon HQ2 in Arlington, VA, provides a platform for nonprofits to learn from peers and leaders in the field.

This fun episode emphasizes that technology is for everyone, regardless of age or role, and encourages organizations to embrace change and innovation. Collaboration between technology teams and other departments is a crucial element in finding effective solutions to the challenges faced by nonprofits in the modern digital landscape.

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