We have Muhi Khwaja, a trainer from Fundraising Academy and CFRE, here to help us answer those burning questions.  Our first question is about whether it’s a good idea to use season tickets to major sports events for entertaining high net worth donors. Muhi begins with a definete ‘Yes’, sharing examples of how sports tickets can be a fantastic cultivation tool for donors who are fans of specific teams, illustrating the potential for connecting donors to the mission.

Host Julia Patrick and Muhi dive deeper into the topic, highlighting how professional sports organizations often have philanthropic arms and the importance of using such opportunities to move the donor closer to the organization’s mission. They discuss the benefits of team-building activities and how it can contribute to staff retention, going beyond just “whining and dining.”

Next up is a question from an attendee in Houston, wondering about taking time off during gala seasons. Muhi emphasizes that it’s entirely reasonable to compensate for weekend and evening work by taking time off during the week. He suggests making it a corporate policy to ensure fairness and encourages open communication with supervisors.

Then, they explore the intricacies of balancing faith and politics, especially for faith-based nonprofits. Muhi shares insights into how philanthropy and government spending intersect and affect the sociopolitical climate.

The conversation shifts to evaluating banking relationships, with Roberto from Miami expressing concerns about their current bank’s lack of commitment to sponsorships. Muhi advises exploring options with banks that have philanthropic initiatives and stressing the importance of clear communication about expectations.

Lastly, a viewer from Denver seeks advice on the best social media platform for nonprofit marketing in 2024. Muhi recommends considering the target audience’s demographics and conducting surveys to determine the most effective platform for reaching donors.

Throughout the episode, Muhi Khwaja’s expertise and insights shine brightly, offering valuable guidance to nonprofits navigating various challenges.

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