The latest 2024 insights about automation and its role in enhancing productivity at nonprofits and charities with Margie Worrell, Curriculum Manager at

Margie begins with the notion that automation is not exclusive to mid to large-sized nonprofits and productivity tools can benefit nonprofits of all sizes. Margie notes, “This is something everyone needs. Basically, if you still have work to do at the end of the day, it’s for you.”

She highlights the diverse forms of automation, from leveraging volunteers and interns to using cost-effective technologies. Margie shares an example from her experience where interns and retirees were employed to perform tasks, demonstrating that automation doesn’t always involve advanced technology.

The conversation dives into the cost and time investment required for effective automation. Margie urges organizations to consider both the financial cost and the time spent in learning and implementing automation tools.

The co-hosts and Margie discussed specific automation features within Bloomerang platform, such as automated reports and task tracking, which help nonprofits streamline their operations and reduce manual effort.

Throughout the discussion, Margie reiterates the significance of finding the right CRM system that aligns with an organization’s automation needs, advising NPO’s to evaluate CRM options based on their automation capabilities and integration possibilities.

Margie concludes by defining success in automation as a reduction in the time spent in the database while still gaining substantial value from it, stressing the importance of automation tools freeing up staff to focus on mission-critical work and encouraging nonprofits to seek ongoing education and peer support.