Answers to nonprofit’s questions about; Fundraiser’s confidence, bonuses for fundraising staff, nonprofit branding and marketing, nonprofit career decisions. Jarrett Ransom and LaShonda Williams discuss the questions received related to fundraising and nonprofit work.
The first question came from an anonymous listener in Boston who was dealing with self-doubt after a colleague suggested they could have secured a higher donation from a specific donor. LaShonda’s response was compassionate and wise. She emphasized the importance of collaboration and not taking it personally, turning it into an opportunity for growth and learning.
Jarrett adds her perspective, suggesting open communication with the colleague whose comment hurt the listener’s feelings, pointing out the value of discussing and resolving such situations to maintain a healthy work environment.
Next, a question from Ben in New York addressed the topic of rewarding the development team with bonuses in the nonprofit sector. LaShonda provides a special response, highlighting alternatives to financial bonuses, such as additional remote days, priority in choosing vacation days, or leveraging partnerships for complimentary tickets to events, and the possibility of merit pay tied to performance evaluations.
The third question came from a board member dealing with a proposed logo change, which they considered a waste of money. LaShonda advised focusing the conversation on the organization’s mission, goals, and priorities. She makes a recommendation to engage constituents through focus groups to gather feedback on the logo change before making a decision. Jarrett echos the potential costs and complexities involved in rebranding and suggested forming a task force to thoroughly evaluate the situation.
The final question was from Samuel in Denver, Co, who inquired about the value of obtaining the CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) designation for career development and financial rewards. LaShonda enthusiastically endorses the CFRE, emphasizing its prestige, knowledge base, and the global community it connects professionals with. She shared her personal journey of obtaining the CFRE and how it has positively impacted her career, and sharing valuable information about the availability of scholarships and resources for people of color in the sector.
As LaShonda aptly puts it, “Invest in yourself because you are worth it.”